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Some tips for Amazon customers: If you're shopping for textbooks online, make sure you know exactly which edition you need, and then confirm that that is the edition you're ordering. Many textbook publishers issue revised editions on a regular basis, and while the title of the book may remain the same, the ISBN number changes with each new edition. If you're not certain that the book you've found on Amazon is the one you really need, ask the seller before you buy. It's always easier not to sell the wrong book than to handle a return through the U.S. post office and the Amazon payment system.
New York and New Jersey customers only: We don't know why, but our experience has been that books sent to Australia or Hong Kong get there faster than books sent to New York or New Jersey. We are not making this up. If you live in NY or NJ, either pay Amazon's higher rate for expedited domestic shipping, or expect the book to take the full 21 business days that Amazon specifies as "normal" delivery time.

We recently acquired a sizable collection of older Star Trek mass-market paperbacks. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Most of these books date from the 1980s, and most are in either good or very good condition. We are currently in the process of grading these books and putting them up for sale on Amazon.com, but frankly, it's a slow and tedious business.

In the meantime, if there are any particular titles or authors you are looking for, contact us and let us know.

We were honestly surprised to learn how many "name" authors have a Star Trek novel or two buried back in their curriculum vitae. If you're looking for Trek books by Vonda McIntyre, Greg Bear, or John M. Ford, we have them. (Not "How Much for Just the Planet?", though, darn it.)

As far as we can tell, the oldest one in the lot is Star Trek Log Five, by Alan Dean Foster, which is a collection of script adaptations published in 1975 and based on the rarely seen Star Trek animated series.

We have also recently acquired a series of "Man from U.N.C.L.E." novels, as well as a few "Kojak" and "Columbo" novels. (Who knew such things existed?) Along with these, we have our usual assortment of unusual books, and we continue to add to our Amazon listings daily. We are trying to find a better way to organize and advertize our listings, but until we do, if there's a particular book you're seeking, please feel free to ask.