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K&B Booksellers deals in used books. We carry the odd, the eclectic, and the unintentionally humorous. Being somewhat odd, eclectic, and at times unintentionally humorous ourselves, we stock what is perhaps an inordinate amount of science fiction, but are by no means limited to that genre. A good book is a good book, and when we find something interesting, unusual, and (this is important) in good condition, we will cheerfully make it available to you.

Most of our books are sold through our Amazon.com listings. The occasional rare or exceptionally fine item will go to auction on eBay. And then there are those peculiar items we come across from time to time—for example, new and signed first editions, straight from the authors—that can only be described as Special finds.

But we're not here just to sell you books. When we read something we really like, even if it's a new release that we don't stock, we'll review it in our Recommended reading section and provide links to sites where you can buy it.

So, welcome to our little shop. Feel free to browse around. Don't bother looking for the cats — there aren't any — but do let us know if there's anything else that we can help you find.

Kindest regards,
K & B

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